Seek and ye shall find

If you know me, you have most likely heard me say that we are all going to die.  So, why not live the life you want to live while you are here?  There are several steps involved in creating the life you want.  These steps are not necessarily linear, they can be circular and zig-zaggy and back and forth and piled on top of each other, but you have to at least start by asking.

1. Ask the universe for what you want.  This may be through prayer, journaling, affirmations, speaking your request, free writing, chanting, meditation, or any number or ways, but you must put the intention out there to be energized.

Before my current position, I used to say out loud, “Some day, I will have a job where I can do yoga and counseling together.”  And then by what seemed like chance, I found a ‘private’ job listing for an LPC, looked up the company by the email address and found that it was exactly what I had been speaking about.  I never really questioned that it would happen, I spoke about it like I already knew it would happen, I just didn’t know how.

Asking can also come in the form of practicing gratitude for what you have and for what you want as if you already have it.  This is a powerful way to focus energy and intention toward your desire.

2.  Listen to what the universe tells you and look for signs, opportunities, and messages everywhere.   I have heard it said that praying is our time of talking to God and meditation is our time of listening.  We all know that I recommend meditation, of any sort, for everyone.  Taking time to tune in to the universe will connect you with the energy to bring about your request.  It is also very important to live with our eyes, minds, and hearts open to what “answers” present themselves to us in every day life.

Sometimes people come into our lives for only a brief time with the karmic intention of connecting us with other people or shifting us in a different direction.  We may not understand why at the time, but being able to look back and realize that the purpose for that person was to lead you to something else is pretty spectacular.  When you have that gut feeling of needing to explore an opportunity, just do it.  Your gut is smarter than your brain, so don’t let thinking get in the way of feeling what is right.

3. Open yourself to be redirected, to change, to give up the things that are keeping you where you are.  Sometimes we have to be willing to give up the things that are keeping us stuck and that isn’t always comfortable.  While asking and working toward change, take a look at what you may need to let go of to free yourself up for what is to come.


4Take action toward what you are asking for.  After all of the other steps, you have to do your part.  Frequently, I have heard people say that they have set their intention and put it out into the universe, but then they are just sitting and waiting for it to drop into their laps.  You have to start living “as if“…start behaving like you know for sure that it is coming and prepare the way so that when it shows up, you can step right into it and keep on going with a smile on your face.

You have probably heard the parable of the guy in a flood praying for God to save him.  A truck comes by, boat comes by, a helicopter comes by, and the guy turns them all down saying that God will save him.  When he dies, he asks God why he didn’t save him and God replied that he sent a truck, a boat, and a helicopter to save him and asked what else he could have done for him.  Don’t be the flood guy!  Ask, Listen and Look, and then Act!

Here’s the good news:  You don’t have to know the HOW of it.  That’s the universe’s job.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the “how” that we paralyze ourselves and stay stuck because we think we must know every detail of how we will get there before we make a single move.

5.  Repeat these steps and say thank you to the universe!

*WARNING: You have heard this before, but be careful about what you ask for because you just may get it!  The universe is listening and when you ask for change, you have to ready yourself for it to come.

I believe in the good things that are coming.  Ask for what you want; I am asking right along with you.  And when things shake up and come to you, I will be there for that too.

Talk again soon,


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