One Voice

Our voice is so very powerful. It is one of the most powerful things that we have within us. Our voice can manifest our dreams or give life to our wildest fears; it can calm our nervous system or destroy our peace of mind; it can bring our body into a state of health or give power to illness; it can empower, protect, and help others or it can be used to separate, tear down, and destroy.

We begin by finding our own unique voice. We often think of the concept of “finding your voice” as being reserved for creators: writers, singers, musicians, artists, etc. But we are all the creators of our own lives, so finding the voice of our own unique style, personality, and truth applies to each and every one of us.

Blocks to using our voice can come from the stories we tell ourselves based on old beliefs, feedback from others on how we should sound and how he should show up, and fears around what others will think. But when we live our lives behind those blocks and never really find our voice, we live a life that lacks fullness and potential.

When we can tap into our own unique voice and begin to use it, we can not only change our own lives, but we can change the world for the better. Our voice is how we express our authenticity and how we want to show up in the world.

Sometimes we may find that it feels easier to use our voice to advocate for others rather than for ourselves. This taps into the stories we believe around our own worth and if we deserve to voice our own desires, feelings, boundaries, and dreams. Advocating for others can help us to practice stepping into our own authenticity and power.

So where do we even start in the process of finding our voice? As always, we start with self-awareness. We begin to notice our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

We can get quiet and listen through meditation, prayer, sitting in silence, and spending time in nature. Becoming still enough to hear our own inner messages, attuned to our inner guide, and comfortable with ourselves can strengthen our expressive muscles.

Tuning in to what do we love and believe in brings clarity. Recognizing ways that we are doing things in an attempt to fit in with what others want us to be rather than showing up in our lives in ways that reflect who we truly are at our core can show us where to start.

We can notice how we speak to ourselves and start to recognize which messages we are buying into that are not our own. From there, we can move into the work of accepting ourselves as we are and then changing our stories to rewrite them in a more helpful and healthy way.

We can write down our words in journals, we can sketch, paint, collage, and draw our thoughts, we can practice using our voice with people we trust.

Our own voice is most perfectly tuned to calm our nervous system and when we use our voice to give life to our dreams, visions, and desires, we can create the mind, body, experiences, life, and world we want to live in.

So, this week, give it a try. Express yourself in your own way. Lean into your power to create what you desire. Know that by doing that for yourself, you can not only make a differnce, you can also inspire others to do the same.

And I will be practicing right along with you.

Chat again soon,


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