Time For Change

As we are in the transition from hot summer season into cooler, drier fall in the northern hemisphere, we can take advantage of the energy of nature and ride the momentum of change. We are a part of nature and what happens outside impacts how we feel inside. In the ancient science of Ayurveda, the energy of change is called Rajas (the J is pronounced, unlike the word Baja) and it is one third of a trinity of energetic forces of which we are constantly and naturally shifting amongst.

Sattva is energy in balance and we experience this when we are engaged in thoughts, emotions, and actions that move us toward thrive. It is represented by light, harmony, and intelligence. This is where we are making good choices. Rajas is energy in motion and it is the force of action and change that helps us to get things done and create shifts. However, if we stay in a rajasic state for too long, we may experience things like anxiety, irritation, and burnout. Rajas is represented by dawn and dusk or that transitional state that connects Sattva and Tamas. Tamas is energy at rest and although it gets a bad rap as our culture does not generally value rest and stillness, Tamas has its time and place just like all of the forces. It allows us to rejuvenate and to heal. However, if we stay in a tamasic state for too long, we may experience things like depression, lack of motivation, lethargy, or attachment. Tamas is represented by darkness and can show up as illusion or ignorance. When we ignore patterns that we are stuck in that are not helping us to feel, do, and be better, we may be stuck in a Tamasic state.

In nature, these forces alternate throughout a 24-hour period and throughout the year. As the seasons change in nature, it is the energetic force of Rajas that takes us from one season to another. Because Rajas is about change and motion, we can take advantage when nature presents that energy to create changes we desire. This is an opportunity to look at what we have been doing in the last season and honestly assess if what we are in a pattern of doing is helping us to feel better in our bodies and minds or if it is time to mindfully shift our habits to support how we want to feel, think, and act.

Now is the time to reset our patterns and choose how we want to feel and what we want to add in to support our thrive. As we focus on what we DO want and pour our attention and energy into creating new patterns, what we don’t want will fall away.

This week, I encourage you to take some time to review your habits, revisit how you want to feel, and revise what you are doing. Add in things that will support your thrive like adding in more plants, more rest, more time away from screens, more things that you enjoy. If you dedicate your energy to doing this and taking care of yourself, the habits and patterns of things that are taking you away from thrive will begin to fall away.

I will be resetting right along with you.

Chat again soon,


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