It's time to make changes that you will thank yourself for a year from now.

Give me nine weeks of your time and I will help you find more peace, health, and ease.

Let's get real for a moment. Does this sound like you?

  • You feel too busy to take time for self-care
  • You are tired of living in a body suffering with inflammation
  • You frequently feel fatigued and dream of experiencing more energy
  • You are ready to move out of anxiety as a lifestyle and into ease
  • You feel stuck, like nothing is working, and your dreams are just dreams
  • You long for the connection of a supportive group
  • You are willing to make the changes to have the life you desire

It's time for you to Shine.

Evolve Your Body and Your Life: SHINE Body Bright is a journey of creating daily habits to support your health, healing, and happiness.

In 9 weeks you will be coached through habits to begin the shifts you desire.

Your journey will go AT YOUR OWN PACE so that you don’t get stressed out, overwhelmed, or feel behind.

You will have the power of group support as you join others also working on the same path.

The daily routine, or Dinacharya as it is called in Ayurveda, is central to promoting health, well-being and preventing imbalance. These practices are one of the simplest and most powerful tools we have to take our health into our own hands.

Evolve Your Identity: This course will lead you into right relationship and living in sync with your body's needs, but also into your need to live your life in a bigger context. Most of us don’t hang out with people who are consciously evolving. Here we bring together a group of like-minded individuals who have similar objectives and goals and a lot evolves in a short period of time. And as a side-benefit you will become more clear on stepping into and stepping up your life.

Create the physically strong, mentally clear, & emotionally stable body and mind that you want to live in.

Streamlining Habits Into Natural Evolution

Learn simple ways to align with nature's rhythms to sleep better, experience true rest, and to have deeper energy.

Feel more calm and grounded by learning to manage your time effectively, while balancing your busy life.

Ditch the cycles of overwhelm and burnout and shift into a more easeful, graceful rhythm of taking care of yourself.

Build healthier lifestyle habits and eat a diet of delicious, nourishing foods that you can sustain throughout your life to age more gracefully.

Connect as part of a fun, dynamic and health conscious community while being coached, mentored, and guided into your potential.

Lead your family, friends, and community into better health, more connection, and more ease with your new habits.

Connect without judgment
Learn new tools
Grow at your own pace

See What People Are Saying

People just like you have achieved amazing results.

"This course has changed my life..."

"This course has changed my life and helped me to develop strong habits. I learned how to bring my body back into balance and how each habit builds on the others. It is not overwhelming and is totally doable. I also love that it's not about perfection. I am grateful!" -Jenny

"...I began to notice changes in how we felt..."

"I love the simplicity of the program. Simple Ayurvedic practices to incorporate into my daily life make it feel more manageable. As I began incorporating the habits into mine and my family's life, I began to notice changes in how we felt. I started realizing that I have the power to actually listen to my inner wisdom. I began to strive toward tuning in on a much deeper level. Every single habit made sense." - Brenda 

"...I've never felt so accepted..."

"This course allows you to do deep self-work in a community of likeminded people. They show up free of judgment and full of support in a caring and loving way. I've never felt so accepted and cared about from people I've never met before. It is truly a safe place to heal." 
- Jennifer

Now it's your turn.

A Look into the SHINE Body Bright Course:

Habit 1: Rhythmic Eating

Shift your meal times to enhance your digestion, support a healthier gut, and wake up feeling more light and clear. 

Habit 2: Rest & Revitalize

Create an evening routine and an earlier bedtime to build your immunity, fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up easier.

Habit 3: Rise & Shine

Develop a morning routine to step into the day with grounded intention, mental clarity, and physical ease.

Habit 4: Energize & Empower

Find your version of daily movement and support your body in completing the stress cycle to find more energy and ease. 

Habit 5: Mindful Nourishment

Upgrade your diet with a seasonal Ayurvedic approach to nourishment and digestion. Connect with the foods that will bring your body into balance. 

Habit 6: Shining Self

Create a ritual of deep self-care to calm your nervous system, strengthen your immunity, and create a loving relationship with your body. 

Habit 7: Space & Stillness

Develop or refine your daily meditation practice to increase consistency, clarify your vision, and connect with the best version of you. 

Habit 8: Creating Clarity

Learn intentional care of your five senses to gain more clarity and the ability to age with grace. Learn about micro-habits with mighty results.

Habit 9: Inviting Ease

Learn to alter your perspecitve to alter your reality. This habit brings it all together for a life of greater love, flow, ease, and bliss. 

Member Bonuses:

Community Membership and Live Group Coaching Calls

When you join, you will gain access to the Community Membership with live group calls for 16 weeks. Every week, we will have live online sessions to make room for laser coaching, to answer your questions, to share experiences with the habits, and to connect with the group. We also have weekly themes from the wisdom traditions of Psychology, Ayurveda, and Yoga philosophy to support integrating what we are learning into our daily lives. Group coaching enables you to learn from others, provides new perspectives, and alleviates the cost of private coaching. 

Accountability & Community

When we come together and connect with others with similar intentions, our powers for transformation and evolution are massively magnified. Become part of a Members-Only Facebook community where you can learn and share about the journey through the habits in a group of like-minded and supportive peers on the same path. When you join the course, you begin with 3 months of access to the community for free. 


Monthly Live Bonus Workshops

Further your growth with monthly workshops including guest speakers where we will explore subjects like:

Ayurveda and Your Dharma

Subtle Digestion & Healing Inflammation

Women's Cycles and Ayurveda

Rest and Overcoming Oversheduling

Doshas and Relationships

Positive Genius

Living into our Core Values

Gut-Brain Connection

And much much more!

Member's Hub

All members have lifetime access to a hub full of resources focused on habit change, identity evolution, and the SHINE Body Bright habits to support ongoing growth and progress at your own pace. 

Member's Only Podcast

Do you like to learn on the go? A brand new addition to the course is that you can listen to the replay of the live calls in a private member's only podcast. 


Seasonal Reset

All members will have full access to a 21-day seasonal reset twice per year to realign the rhythm of digestion, tap into clarity of thinking, create space in your schedule and environment, and clear out patterns that are no longer helpful. And you can bring a friend along with you for the reset for FREE

How to Join:

From burning out to shining brightly.

Your Transformation Begins NOW

"...one small change...had remarkable effects on my body."

"The SHINE course was extremely beneficial for me. It was wonderful to see week by week how one small change in my routine had remarkable effects on my body. I learned so much about myself throughout the course. Having the support of other women on the same journey was so encouraging. I find the one on ones that Kelly provides extremely valuable as well. Her extensive knowledge guided us through the course and I can’t wait to start again!” – Ramona

"...my [cancer] treatment would be much different..."

"If it weren’t for Kelly and her SHINE Life Design program, my [cancer] treatment would be much different. I recommend it to everyone. And it’s offered by video conference so you can join from any where. You won’t regret it." -Jimmy

How much longer are you willing to let things stay the same?

You can experience the shifts you deeply desire!
And you don't have to go it alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start? It starts as soon as you are ready! You will receive weekly emails to guide you through the habits, but you will have lifetime access to the member hub, so you can move at the pace that feels right for you. 

What if I can't attend the live calls? Every live call is recorded so if you miss a call, you can catch up when your schedule allows. You can also submit questions to be addressed in the live sessions if you know in advance you won't be able to attend. You can also ask questions and learn more from the discussion in the private FB group. 

Why do I need to do this in a group? Research has shown that when we work toward habit change in groups, we make greater progress in shorter periods of time. A ton of information is available to you in this day and age, but if you were able to make changes on your own, wouldn't you have already made them? This is about more than just learning information. It is about using the momentum and support of a group on the same journey to live into the changes you desire. 

Is this a diet plan? While we will discuss eating patterns and foods that will support your individual health, there are no strict rules or restrictions involved. SHINE Body Bright is about honoring your own body's natural and unique rhythms to come into your best health in your own way along with the support of a group. This course is about learning to alter HOW you are living to be able to experience more thrive in your life. 

Do you have payment plans? Yes! You have the option to make monthly payments if that works better for your budget. 

What is your refund policy? I so believe in these habits that I will give you your money back if it doesn't work for you. If you join us, fully participate and complete all of the coursework for the first two habits, and still feel like there is something left to be desired, I will refund your money within the first 30-days. 

You can experience the life you desire.
Join us Now

About Your Radiance Coach

Hi, I'm Kelly. I am passionate about sharing these daily habits to align with our own true nature because they truly changed my life. After beginning my own healing journey out of mental and physical burnout, I decided to become certified to be able to help others in their healing journeys as well. These habits help us to get in touch with how our minds and bodies were created to function and to create the lives we deeply desire. 


I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Yoga Therapist, a Yoga Health Coach, a Yoga Teacher Trainer for YogaFit International, and a Mentor for the Yoga Health Coaching program founded by Cate Stillman. I don't have all of the answers, but I do have the desire to help others find more joy and ease while creating the life they crave. I would be honored for you to join me. 

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