Kelly’s Shine and Brene Brown workshops has given me the courage to pivot through changes in my life. She’s an amazing Yoga Teacher Master trainer and her Shine group provides continual support and out of box thinking through transitions.

Grace K.

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If you or someone you love has or has not been in therapy, but craves another way to handle certain situations in your life/lives, I encourage you to check out at least one of the Daring Way courses led by Kelly. My experience began with Rising Strong, then I moved on to The Gifts of Imperfection, followed by Daring Greatly. Whether these books are supposed to be read in a certain sequence or not, their contents, associated workbooks and short videos support whichever book/course you’ve chosen to begin your self-supporting journey. And, they even build upon each other. 

Sure, it’s possible to read these books on our own and gain from them. Most definitely! However, when we read and do the work together, we gain a better understanding of our struggles to become the best versions of ourselves, because of the accountability and connection factor these groups provide. 

Thanks to Brene Brown’s research and Kelly Gardner, I am continuing to become the best version of myself and believe me, I’m not the only one noticing. But, if I were, it’s still all worth it!

Jan C.

I learned to listen to my body and to find the power I have to take some action for my own wellness, beyond what doctors or other practioners can do for me. It has been very empowering.


The Shine Body Bright course provided the support I needed to make some changes in my daily routines.  I’m feeling better when I wake up in the morning thanks to some new habits.  I loved the length of the course because I needed time to try out new habits and the ongoing support to stick with them.  I’m so happy to have finally solved some morning issues.  Thank you Kelly!


I feel so much better and hopeful and I feel like a lot of the dark cloud that has been looming over me for a long time now has started to dissipate.  It is wonderful for me to be starting to feel like my real self again and I have applied many of the things you taught me into my own practice in addition to integrating them into my classes.  I can’t thank you enough.


I think your course was the best class I’ve EVER taken. It would be amazingly helpful for ANYONE whether they practice yoga or not. For this reason, I think it really resonates. Everything struck me at the core, where the label of yoga really doesn’t even fit. It’s all much bigger and more expansive than that. Thank you so much for sharing your light.