“I found Kelly’s style of coaching in the group very enjoyable. We had lots of participation and I learned not only from Kelly but from the rest of the tribe.” -Sandra

The group made a huge difference!

“I learned to listen to my body and to find the power I have to take some action for my own wellness, beyond what doctors or other practioners can do for me.” – Emily

It’s Empowering

The Shine Life Design course provided the support I needed to make some changes in my daily routines.  I’m feeling better when I wake up in the morning thanks to some new habits.  I loved the length of the course because I needed time to try out new habits and the ongoing support to stick with them.  I’m so happy to have finally solved some morning issues.  Thank you Kelly! -Sonya

The Support I Needed

I feel so much better and hopeful and I feel like a lot of the dark cloud that has been looming over me for a long time now has started to dissipate.  It is wonderful for me to be starting to feel like my real self again and I have applied many of the things you taught me into my own practice in addition to integrating them into my classes.  I can’t thank you enough.  -Elisabeth

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

I think your course was the best class I’ve EVER taken. It would be amazingly helpful for ANYONE whether they practice yoga or not. For this reason, I think it really resonates. Everything struck me at the core, where the label of yoga really doesn’t even fit. It’s all much bigger and more expansive than that.  -Rebekah

Thank you so much for sharing your light