Welcome to Your Radiant Soul. My name is Kelly Gardner and my mission is to guide others to shine from within and to live with more health, happiness, and wholeness.

I have been providing support, perspective, and education professionally since 2007 and I have had the joy of witnessing transformation and healing in so many lives. I believe everyone is capable of making the changes they want for themselves and living with more joy in their bodies, relationships, and lives. Working with me will help you know yourself on a deeper level, learn new skills, shift undesirable habits, and cultivate true joy.

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Does that sound like what you desire? 

Come and work with me. There are a few different ways we could start.

I offer 1:1 online or in-person coaching sessions where you and I work together, focusing on mindset to overcome unhelpful thinking patterns, daily habits to overcome inflammation and enjoy thriving health, and life goals to create the life that you dream of living.

I offer in-person, trauma-focused yoga therapy sessions to support adult women gain safety and agency in their bodies while they are working with a mental health professional for the cognitive trauma work. The body stores energy from our experiences and when we can learn to process what has been stored, we can bring the nervous system back into a state of balance and self-regulation. 

I offer an online community creating connection and a space for healing from individual, collective, and ancestral trauma that can create adaptations in our nervous system and in our minds. This community pulls from the wisdom of yoga, ayurveda, psychology, coaching, and the work and research of Brené Brown. 

In this community, you will participate in a conscious group to learn simple, yet powerful ways to overcome Patriarchal expectations while buildingcourage, connection, and compassion in your daily life. In this community, the power of connecting with others on the same path creates momentum while overcoming shame and rewriting the stories that shape your life. 

Set up your free session to explore coaching and the Your Radiant Soul community here.

Radiant – \ ˈrā-dē-ənt \ adj. 1. Vividly bright and shining 2. Marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness. 

Soul – \ ˈsōl \ n. 1. The immaterial essence, animating principal or actuating cause of an individual life 2. The spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe. 3. A person’s total self 4. An active or essential part; a moving spirit.