Radiant – \ ˈrā-dē-ənt \ adj. 1. Vividly bright and shining 2. Marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness. 

Soul – \ ˈsōl \ n. 1. The immaterial essence, animating principal or actuating cause of an individual life 2. The spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe. 3. A person’s total self 4. An active or essential part; a moving spirit.

Welcome to Your Radiant Soul. I am excited that you are here! My mission is to guide others to shine from within and to live with more health, happiness, and wholeness.

I have been providing support, education and therapy since 2007 at many different levels of care and I have had the joy of witnessing transformation and healing in so many lives. I believe everyone is capable of making the changes they want for themselves and living with more joy in their bodies, relationships, and lives. Working with me will help you know yourself on a deeper level, learn new skills, shift undesirable habits, and cultivate true joy.

Doesn’t that sound great?!

Come and work with me. We would start with SHINE Body Bright, a healthier habits course based on the ancient science of Ayurveda where you will participate in a conscious group to learn simple, yet powerful lifestyle habits and take charge of your mental and physical health. You’ll discover how cultivating routine and finding balance can help to heal burnout in your body mind. Read more about the SHINE Body Bright course here.

From there, you can move into the Dare to SHINE curricula, a year-long journey through 3 courses created by Brené Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, and Rising Strong. Here you will also experience the connection of belonging in a group while overcoming shame and rewriting the story of your life. Read more about Dare to SHINE and the Daring Way Courses here.

As Featured in Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine

Photo by Tindall Farmer Photography