The Rest is Still Unwritten

Are you writing your story or just doing your best to navigate the plot line every day? As we look out into the future, we have the ability to take over as the author of how our story goes and make ourselves the hero rather than the victim.

As we determine who we want to become and how we want to feel, we must first acknowledge where we are now. The small habits that we act on daily are creating the mind and body In which we are living. We are constructing our experience and our identity by what we do repetitively. By recognizing those habits and where we are now, we can see the back story; the starting point for the next leg of our journey.

It is also important to know that once the decision has been made to change the direction of the story, or make changes in how we are living our lives, resistance will pop up. Sometimes resistance comes from our environment and others around us, but many times, it pops up in our own minds. The character that we have been (our old identity) speaks up against change because he/she doesn’t want to be written out of the story. Often, that character will make up really convincing stories about how badly the change will go and how those we are close to will be negatively affected by the change. This is when we must do some fact-checking. Our old identity is spreading fake news in an effort to stay put.

If we can ready ourselves and expect resistance in the process of taking control of our story, we can continue on the journey. Viewing resistance as a sign that we are on the verge of growth will enable us to overcome the challenge, to let go of the doubts of our past self, and to push through in order to move toward who we want to be.

Tuning in to how our future identity would handle challenges can also help us to overcome them by acting “as if” we are already that next best version of ourselves. Once we determine WHO we want to be and begin to believe that we can, in fact, become that person, we must listen to the confident voice of that story hero rather than screaming rant of our past identity who is spreading fear, doubt, and difficulty. And some days, this will be a true battle.

We must be honest about the stories we have been telling ourselves and brave enough to own our story so that we can rewrite the ending. The excuses that pop up as roadblocks and detours along the way will be valid. But, at that moment, we must make a choice; to act in a way that will take us closer to who we want to be and the life we want to live, or to continue down the path that will keep us stuck in the old identity and safely away from growth.

So, what’s it going to be? The way to become the next best version of ourselves is to act as if we already are. To listen to the brave voice of that hero and to make our decisions based on what that person would do.

Our future is at stake here. It’s time to become our own hero.

This week, begin to explore the stories that you are telling yourself about your experience and yourself. Do some fact-checking to see if these stories still fit or if they need to be updated. And then begin to plan small ways to change direction toward who you really want to be.

I know you can do it. And I will be working on my story right along with you. Reach out if you need support. Or an editor.

Chat again soon,


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