Peace is for Everyone

As this year comes to an end, we begin to look forward to the promise of new beginnings and possibilities in the year ahead. But, to be able to effectively make changes and create the shifts that we desire, we must first come back to our own peaceful center.

In working with clients in yoga therapy and mental health therapy, we often look at posture and the effects posture has on breath, mood, and clarity of thinking. And as we are setting intentions for whom we want to become next, the same science applies to create the best results.

In the science of the body, alignment affects us on deeper levels than we may be aware of. As we come into proper alignment in the spine and create the space within for the breath to more easily flow, the mind begins to work more efficiently and we open the door for inspiration to surface.

Effective shifts toward better health must occur on multiple levels within ourselves. We can create these shifts from the outside-in, or from the physical body deeper into the layers of energy, thoughts, emotions, intuition, and desires. So, starting with the alignment of the body is not only the easiest place to begin, but also the most effective.

Let’s take a moment right now to check in and to create the space and alignment needed for deeper transformation. The first step is to become aware of where we are right now. Whether seated or standing, first begin to notice weight distribution throughout the body. Is your weight shifted more toward one side than the other or more toward the front or the back of the body? Next notice what is happening with the breath. Are you breathing high, quick, and shallow breaths or are you breathing long, slow and deep breaths into the belly?

Now let’s begin to shift what is happening in the body to allow for bigger breath, more stability, and a calmer nervous system. Let’s start from the bottom and move up. First, let’s find our feet on the floor. If standing, bring the feet to hips width and if seated, root down into the seat with knees and feet at hips width. Tune in to your tailbone and sitz bones and see if you can find a place where the perineum (the space between the genitals and the anus) at the very base of the torso is pointing down toward the floor. This should be done with the intention to alleviate any arching or rounding in the low back. From here, lift up through the spine, up the back of the neck, through the crown of the head, and allow the shoulders to drop back and down.

Next, envision a golden light shining straight down through the crown of the head down through the throat, through the center of the chest, through the gut, down through the perineum, and into the earth. This is our peaceful center. And it is always there waiting for us to bring it back into focus. It is available for everyone. When we can physically tune into our center, we can breathe more fully and move forward from a place of more stability and clarity in ourselves.

From this center-focused posture, relax the belly and take a few long, deep breaths through the nose down into the belly rather than high up into the chest. Envision that golden light flowing up and down through center with each breath.

Finding our center and breathing ourselves into alignment with our center creates a moment of inner peace every time we do it. And from there, we can begin to envision who we want to be in every moment and in the coming year from our own center.

Give it a try any time. Reach out and let me know how it is going. I will be practicing right along with you.

Chat again soon,


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