It’s Such A Good Vibration

Let’s talk about energy. Everything that exists in our universe is made of energy. On a molecular level EVERYTHING that exists is made of microscopic vibrating energy. And it is all the same energy. You, me, the buildings, our electronic devices, our pets, our food, music, trees, etc. Everything that we can conceive of is created from the same energy.

Every object has its own frequency or vibratory home base. We each have our own unique frequency and when we are ill or experiencing emotional disruption, our frequency changes. Also, not all energy can be seen. Think of how you can hear music, but you cannot see the sound waves. All thoughts and emotions works this way as well- they are energy, but we cannot see them. Let me repeat that for emphasis: all thoughts and emotions are energy.

Our health is associated with our frequency, or the rate of our vibrations, and our unique frequency is a culmination of the frequencies of all of our organs and tissues. Everything we do throughout the day has an impact on our frequency and can raise or lower our vibration. Research shows that a healthy human body is typically vibrating within the range of 72-90 MHz and disease begins at 58 MHz.

Our frequency dictates our preferences as well. If we do not like specific foods or types of music, it is because it does not “resonate” with our vibration while others do. And because we change over time, our tastes change with us.

The health of our nervous system reflects our vibration and our ability to pulsate from a stimulated state to a calm state. When we are experiencing inflammation in the body is related to dis-ease, we can see that this too has an impact on our vibration. It all always comes back to energy.

We can shape how we want to feel in our minds, bodies, and lives by choosing practices, people, and things that feed us on a vibrational level.

To do this, we must look at how we are raising or lowering our vibration with our daily habits and choices. If we are eating whole, fresh foods, we are helping to raise our vibration and providing our bodies with energy to create new healthy cells. If we are honoring what our bodies need in reference to rest every day, we are supporting healthy vibration without burning our energy stores out. When we move our bodies every day, we are are helping the body to complete the stress cycle and to be able to come back to a calm state at our homebase vibration. Our cognitive and emotional states will impact our frequency as well, so we must work to stay out of chronic negative states of thought and emotion by recognizing and feeling our emotions and directing our thoughts. A really effective goto practice for this is a gratitude practice. We can help maintain our healthy energy and move out stagnant energy by noticing our breath and by purposefully take a few long, slow, deep breaths periodically throughout the day.

I invite you to tune in to your energy levels this week. Notice how you are feeling and what helps to raise your vibration as well as what brings it down. Assess what it may be helpful to add in to raise your vibration and feel better in your mind and body. As we add in more high vibration practices, the lower vibration habits begin to fall away.

I will be practicing right along with you.

Chat again soon,


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