Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart

What are you feeding yourself and what are you truly hungry for? On all levels of your being?

Every day, cells in our bodies die and new cells regenerate in their place. On one day, the dying cells may be bone cells or skin cells, and another day they may be brain cells and stomach lining cells. Over time, all of our cells are replaced and this process continues throughout our lifetimes.

We are in the process of creating the body and mind that we are going to be living in. And right now, we are living in the body and mind that are a product of what we have fed ourselves in the past. What we feed ourselves is helping to nourish the new cells and to create clarity and cellular intelligence if we feed ourselves with the highest quality of nourishment that we can.

I am not only talking about food here. Food is a part of it, but I am also referring to other layers of ourselves that require other types of nourishment. We must broaden our view to include things like rest, movement, stillness, and connection. So, let’s take a look at ways we can nourish ourselves on all levels in order to create the body and mind that we want to be living in.

To feed our physical body, we must choose foods that are full of energy so that our cells can feed on that energy directly. If we are eating highly processed foods, our bodies are not getting the optimal nourishment to set us up with cells that will function their best. Whole fruits, vegetables, and well-sourced meats will help our bodies to make the best cells in our physical body. Fast food is not going to contribute to the creation of the healthiest cells. Do you want the Dollar Menu feeding the creation of your brain cells?

To feed our energy body, the body that, on some levels, helps us to cope and manage both on the physical and mental levels, we must think about moving our breath. This means breathing deeply and taking time to move our physcial body every day. Exercise of some sort moves energy through our bodies so that we shift from being in a state of stagnation to a state of expansion and growth. There are tons of breathing techniques that can also do the same. Why don’t we try both?

To feed our mental/emotional body, we must allow ourselves to feel what we feel, process what we are feeling, and direct where the mind goes. Meditation, mantras, and affirmations are very helpful here. They feed the mind and emotions to be in a state that allows for helpful thoughts and emotional regulation. Meditation does not have to be sitting still. In fact, we can often combine moving our bodies with clearing our minds. We must recognize that all of these levels connect to each other.

To feed our wisdom body, we must take time for rest and listening to our body’s needs. We must trust that our bodies know what they need and be able to quiet down enough to honor what the body is asking for. When we are tired, we should get rest. When we are hungry, we should eat. When we are in need of movement, we should move. We often override the body’s signs and signals of what it is asking for and then later pay the price. Our body cannot lie to us and it is extremely wise. Creating space within to hear our inner wisdom will allow us to know what all of our layers need.

To feed our bliss bodies, we must tune in and connect with true ourselves, with whatever our higher power is, and to recognize our connection to those around us. Deep bliss comes from allowing ourselves to be authentically who we are. It comes from connecting to ourselves, to others, and to the universe at large. Bliss comes when we remember that we are the soul that lives inside of this body on this journey.

So, what are you feeding yourself? And what are you deeply hungry for? Take some time this week to explore what you need to shift in order to deeply nourish yourself.

I will be working on this right along with you.

Chat again soon,


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